Where Can You Use Texas Woodworks Countertops?

A dark dyed, solid walnut island with an ogee edge and two support legs.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are usually what most people think of first when it comes to wood countertops. They can compliment your existing kitchen look or create a whole new one to match your lifestyle. Wood islands can be made in any shape or size to match your existing base. They can also come in any color or style imaginable. While a dark, rich brown is one of our most popular looks we have many more to choose from and will gladly work with you to find what you like best.



Natural, solid jatoba countertops.

Kitchen Countertops

Another popular use of wood tops are for the rest of the kitchen. They can be used for any counter in your kitchen and match nicely with a wood island or can be used to add a contrasting look. They add a warmth to your kitchen that creates an inviting feeling every time you walk in. Our wood tops are food safe and resistant to almost anything you can throw at it. Clean up is easy as well, all that is required is some warm water and soap.



A dark dyed, solid walnut tub surround, shelf, and vanity tops with an art deco edge and sink cutouts.


A place that most people don’t think of when it comes to wood tops are in the bathroom. Wood tops can be used for vanity tops, tub surrounds and even to frame your mirrors to match and create a perfect polished look. There’s no need to be concerned about the water either as the wood tops are perfectly safe around it and won’t warp or discolor. Create an unique and personal look to your bathroom by adding wood tops!


A dark dyed, solid mahogany countertop with a large round over edge.Anywhere Else!

Wood tops can be used anywhere in your home or even outdoors.  Add a wood top to your office to create a rich working environment. Use one in the living room to make it a more inviting space. They can be used in entryways, media rooms, outdoor kitchens or anywhere else you can think of. We can create a top to match whatever project you have. Just contact us today and we’ll be happy to work with you.