Shipping And Installation


We can ship our tops anywhere in the Continental United States. We encourage you to look into shipping costs. We are not interested in making a profit on any shipping costs and customers often save a lot of money by making their own shipping arrangements. We will wrap up your tops and crate them as needed. We always work with customers because our goal is to get you your tops as easily and economically as possible. If you have any shipping questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help!



When you receive your countertops they will either be crated or wrapped in a protective layer of shipping blankets and shrink wrap. If you don’t plan to install them until a later date it is best to remove the packing material and to store them in a safe area away from the elements.

Included with your countertops are several brackets and two sizes of screws. ½” long and ¾” long #10 Philips head screws. Use the ½” screws to attach the short side of the bracket to your cabinet side. Notice that the long side of the bracket has a slot. This side of the bracket should be flush with the top of your cabinet. The slot is to allow seasonal movement in the wood. Use the ¾” long screws to attach the bracket to the countertop. Depending on the hardness of the wood used to build your countertop, it may be necessary to pre-drill the holes. Tighten the ¾” long screws all the way then back them off about ¼ turn. This will allow the wood to contract and expand inside the bracket. You will not notice any movement.