Usually five weeks, sometimes less and sometimes more depending on how busy we are at the time. We do our best to provide you an accurate time frame when you place your order.

The short answer is no. This is a common question and we like to ask if you would cut on your other countertops such as granite? A good rule of thumb is to treat your countertops as a piece of furniture and you will be fine.

Our shop is located in Magnolia, Texas and we service the greater Houston area. We also ship our countertops to the continental United States.

The only thing required to clean your wood countertops is mild soap and water, never use bleach or a product containing bleach (most household cleaners contain bleach so please read the label carefully before use). If you are concerned about bacteria you can use a mild vinegar and water solution, keep in mind though that wood has it’s own natural anti-bacterial properties unlike other surfaces such as plastic and stone.

Don’t panic, the solution is simpler than you may think. All that is required is a light sanding of the area and a reapplication of waterlox.

Yes, in certain situations such as bathrooms and laundry rooms where the countertop is more likely to come into contact with bleach we use an acrylic urethane finish. This allows the use of typical household cleaners containing bleach but doesn’t have the same look and warmth of waterlox.


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