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Wood Types

 White OakWite Oak Top

White Oak

White Oak has a hardness of 9/10 meaning that it is very resistant to dents and other abuse. It’s color varies from a very light brown to an almost cream color. It can be used anywhere indoors and out as it is very rot and water resistant. Ships used to be made out of white oak and many wine/whiskey barrels are still made out of white oak today. It provides a very unique look that many people like to set their space apart.




Jatoba has a hardness of 9/10 and is literally as hard as a rock. It’s color contains many burnt orange hues and is very dense, hard and heavy and can be used anywhere inside or out. It fits many styles with it’s rich color.




Mesquite Top



Mesquite has a hardness of 9/10 so it’s Texas tough and will stand up to as much abuse as you can throw at it. Mesquite just screams Texas, it contains wild grain and voids which we fill with black epoxy to create a very unique look. It’s color contains many warm reds and browns with small amounts of cream color from sap wood. It can be used anywhere to bring Texas to your home, inside and out, no matter where you live.





Maple has a hardness of 8/10 so it will be resistant to most abuse. It’s color can vary from light cream colors to almost white. We don’t recommend using Maple outside but can be used anywhere inside your home. It creates a very classic look that is perfect for any space.





WalnutWalnut Top


Walnut has a hardness of 6/10 so it can be dented if it takes excessive abuse. Walnut’s color varies from light brown to almost black and everything in between. It is our most popular wood right now as it fits perfectly in any space and any style. It’s great for an indoor space but doesn’t hold up as well outdoors so we recommend not using it for any outdoor projects you have.




CherryCherry Top


Cherry has a hardness of 5/10 so it is best to be more gentle with it. It’s color is a redish brown and it has a very warm and classic look. We do not recommend using Cherry outdoors but it is perfect for an indoor space as it creates a very traditional look.




MahoganyMahogany Top


Mahogany has a hardness of 3/10 so it is a very soft wood. It’s color contains many brownish and redish hues and contains mostly straight grains. It can be used anywhere inside or out and is great for bathrooms. Mahogany is a great way to add some warmth to any space you have.





Cypress Top


Cypress has a hardness of 2/10 and is the softest wood we offer. This softness makes it great for wire brushing to create a distressed or drift wood look. It’s color contains many yellow hues to an almost whitish look. It can be used anywhere inside or out and is very rot resistant.





We also offer some other woods that are less requested and may be offered based on availability, these include – Red Oak, Ash, Pecan, Hickory, live edge tops and select exotic species.


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