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One of our most popular finishes is Waterlox. Waterlox is a tung oil based product that absorbs deep A Walnut island with an ogee edge and a sink cutout.into the fibers of the wood. We use a minimum of five coats on all faces and edges of each top to ensure an excellent resistance to water and stains.


Advantages Of A Waterlox Finish

Waterlox offers excellent resistance to spills from food and drink. Waterlox gives a warm, hand rubbed A walnut island with breadboard ends, an ogee edge and a waterlox finish.oil finish that brings beauty to any home or office. Maintenance of a waterlox top is simple, requiring only a new coat applied every few years. No sanding is needed for a simple re-coat. If the top does get damaged, simply sand the damaged area removing the damage then re-apply waterlox.


Disadvantages Of A Waterlox Finish

As great as Waterlox is it does have a few things to consider. The first is time. If you are in a hurry know that each coat ofWaterlox needs 24 hours A walnut island with a roundover edge, breadboard ends, and a round over edge.between coats. It can take up to two weeks to coat all surfaces. Another thing to consider is cleaning. Waterlox is very easy to clean with water, water and dish soap or if you want added disinfecting protection you can use water and vinegar. What you should never use is any product containing bleach. Most household cleansers contain bleach and should be avoided when cleaning a Waterlox top. If you use something with bleach in them we recommend you choose our other finish.







Water Based TopcoatA white oak bathroom vanity with matching backsplash.

We use the hardest, most durable consumer top coat on the market. This is a topcoat meaning it sits on top of the wood instead of absorbing into it like an oil.


Advantages Of A Water Based Topcoat

This topcoat offers excellent protection from abrasion, water, and A walnut bathroom vanity with ogee edge and a mahogany mirror frame.household chemicals. Being water based there is no harmful chemicals or odor so re-coating in your home is easier. Dry time between coats is 2 hours, not 24 hours so we can get your top to you quicker. If you choose to have your top dyed, this topcoat finish makes it easier to do repairs if necessary.


Disadvantages Of A Water Based Topcoat

The only real disadvantage is in appearance. This is a topcoat and does not have as much of the deep oiled look that an oil absorbed product does. That said, you might look at samples side by side before making a final decision.





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