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Add Ons

We offer several add ons to our countertops including drain slots, trivets and custom finishes. While what we have listed are our most popular choices we can work with you to create anything you can dream of.


Drain Slots

Drain Slots

Drain slots are used next to a sink to catch any stray water and redirect it back into the sink. These are small grooves cut into the countertop and some people find them useful to help keep things clean.




Natural, solid jatoba countertops.


Trivets are small bars of metal such as brass, aluminum or copper that are mounted next to a cooktop and allow a hot pot to be placed on a countertop without damaging the surface.




A distressed walnut vanity with a dark walnut dye and matching backsplash.

Distressed Finish

A distressed finish can vary from light to heavily distressed depending on the look you desire.






Wire Brushed

Wire brushing is a variation on the distressed finish and is great to create a worn down look or a drift wood look depending on the type of wood used.






White Washed and Antiqued

These specialty finished can help create a very unique look for your countertop. If you are interested in these specialty finishes send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to help!




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