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Wood Countertops


The most common questions we receive are about the durability of our wood countertops, in response we made our “countertop torture test” to display a few of the situations that your countertop may face. In this video we left a glass of ice water sitting on the countertop, smeared some mustard and catsup into it, cracked an egg over it, and spilled a glass of wine (yes, it still hurts us to watch this part). Next we left all of this sit for eight hours before attempting to clean up our mess. For cleanup we just used some paper towels, water, and good ole fashion elbow grease. As you can see in the video there was no damage to the top, although it was rather gross to clean up!

Add Warmth and Natural Beauty

Wood countertops add natural beauty to any room. Depending on the intended purpose you can choose either face grain or end grain. Face grain is the most popular and shows the beauty of the wood, for almost all applications this is the appropriate choice. End grain, commonly known as butcher block, is usually reserved for cutting and chopping surfaces. It requires a much different maintenance schedule than face grain tops. For more information or any questions you may have feel free to contact us.

Cleaned and Maintained Properly

Our standard finish is Waterlox, with a Waterlox finish you will usually never need to do anything other than wipe your top with mild soap and water. Never use bleach or any products containing bleach on any Waterlox surface. Waterlox is easily renewable when necessary (average 3-5 years).