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Wood Countertops

  The most common questions we receive are about the durability of our wood countertops, in response we made our “countertop torture test” to display a few of the situations that your countertop may face. In this video we left a glass of ice water sitting on the countertop, smeared some mustard and catsup into …

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A basket weave design cuttingboard made from hard maple and walnut.

Wood Cutting Boards

  Incredibly Sanitary Wooden cutting boards have been around for ages. Chefs have been putting their meats and vegetables up on wood chopping blocks and wooden countertops for many centuries, and there have not been too many contamination problems to speak of. Of course, in general, the major concern with wooden cutting boards is a …

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Custom Furniture

Furniture should be both functional and a piece of art, at Texas Wood Works we will work with you to create a unique piece that fits all of your needs. We start from the ground up where we will design a piece for you that is one of a kind or if you already have …

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Barn Doors


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